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No Child Wants to Grow up in Foster Care

What if together we could shorten the average time a child spends in foster care in Georgia?

What if together we could encourage best practices for judges, attorneys, court staff, and Division of Family and Children Services employees?

What if together we could improve the quality of the information available to decision makers?

What if together we could educate and engage Georgia's citizens to make a difference in the lives of children in foster care?

Better Courts for Kids believes that it can be done. Working together, we can improve the lives of children in Georgia's foster care system.

Our Mission

As a grassroots advocacy group, Better Courts for Kids seeks safety, timely hearings, fair treatment, and ultimately a permanent home for every child in Georgia's foster care system. The overall goal is to prevent children from languishing in foster and group homes by achieving family reunification, adoption, or appropriate long-term placement with other family members or foster care within nationally established timelines.

Better Courts for Kids supports open abuse and neglect hearings in Georgia's juvenile courts and believes that the inclusion of a wider spectrum of people interested in the child, as well as concerned citizens, will result in greater accountability, improved performance, and better outcomes for children.

Better Courts for Kids strives to educate Georgia's citizens about the concerns of children in foster care and the critical role played by juvenile courts in ensuring that the children's best interests are met.

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